Processing of personal data in this forms system

Here is information on how this forms system supports the current privacy policy and how your personal data are looked after by Sem & Stenersen Prokom AS and Levanger kommune - OPPSAGT. We want you to feel assured that current rules and regulations are being followed when you fill in, and submit forms.


Personal data Information and assessments that can be linked to an individual.
Data controller The entity that decides why the personal data are being processed and which aids shall be used.
The data controller for this form system is .
Data processor The entity that processes personal data on behalf of the data controller.
The data processor for this form system is Sem & Stenersen Prokom AS (hereafter referred to as Prokom). In its capacity as data processor, Prokom does not store personal data but transfers such data to Levanger kommune - OPPSAGT, which processes and stores the information.
Cookies Cookies (also known as browser cookies and web cookies) are small text files that are placed on your computer when you download a webpage. Prokom is only authorized to store and process such information when you as a user are informed about this and have given your consent to such processing, cf. section 2.7(b) of the Electronic Communications Act.

The purpose of collecting personal data

Levanger kommune - OPPSAGT requests personal data in order to process your case as quickly as possible and in order to provide you with the best possible assistance. Levanger kommune - OPPSAGT will only request information that is necessary for processing your case. Levanger kommune - OPPSAGT will store the personal data and ensure that only the individuals who are processing your case will have access to them.


By reading and accepting this information, you consent to your personal data being satisfactorily looked after.

If you do not agree that your personal data are being satisfactorily looked after, you will not be able to use this form system.

Storage of personal data

Form draft (only for logged-in users)
You can store a draft of the form and access it again in order to continue filling it in later on. The information you have filled in the form will be temporarily stored on Prokom’s server and will not be made available to Levanger kommune - OPPSAGT before you submit the form. The draft of the form will be automatically deleted from Prokom’s server after three months.

Submitted form (all users)
The contents of submitted forms are deleted from Prokom’s server as soon as they have been transferred to Levanger kommune - OPPSAGT, or at most after 72 hours.

Form overview (only for logged-in users)
You will find an overview of all your submitted forms under My casesin the “Submitted forms” folder. Until the contents have been deleted, you will also be able to open the form there and see what you have filled in.

Reuse of information from previously submitted forms (only for logged-in users)
The form system retains non-confidential information from a form you have previously submitted and presents this information when you start filling in a new form. Examples of such information include contact details and résumé information. This information is stored on Prokom’s server in order to make it easier for you to fill in the form.

Secure transfer of personal data

All personal data that are sent from you to Prokom’s server are sent over a secure line (HTTPS).

Use of cookies

This form system uses the following cookies:

  • UserHasActiveForm
    This cookie contains the ID of the currently active form. It is used to return you to this form in the event of a timeout.
  • Cult
    This cookie contains your chosen language. This language is accessed from the preferences in your browser, but you can override this language by choosing from a drop-down list in the form system.
  • ReadCookieInfo
    This cookie is used to find out whether you have already consented to the use of cookies. If ReadCookieInfo is not found on your computer, you will be asked to approve the use of cookies when you download the form system in your browser.
  • ASP.NET_SessionId
    This cookie is created by the ASP.NET framework in order to save a unique identifier for your user session. It will expire when you end your browser session. The form system needs this cookie in order to work.

The right to access and delete personal data

Information stored on Prokom’s server
As a logged-in user, you can at any time see what information Prokom has stored about you by selecting "Profile" at the top right corner after login. Here you can also generate a file with your personal information on a machine-readable format, or you can choose to delete your user profile entirely.

Information stored on Levanger kommune - OPPSAGT’s server
Since the content of submitted forms are deleted from Prokom's server, you need to contact if you wish to access, correct or delete information you have submitted through this form system.

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