General guidance


Hasvik kommune may require that you log in before filling in a form. Being logged in allows you to save drafts of forms during the filling-in process and get an overview of all your saved drafts and submitted cases.

If login is not required, you can fill in and submit forms without authenticating yourself. It is also possible for you to log in during the filling-in process by selecting “Save draft”.

The form system offers the following login alternatives:

Hasvik kommune decides which login alternative you may use for the form in question.


You navigate through the form by clicking on the Next or Previous buttons. You can also select a page in the navigation bar on the left. Most forms will be dynamic, that is they change according to what you fill in under way. This means that not all pages will be visible in the navigation bar at all times.

Guidance and help messages

Guidance and help messages can be found in the box to the right marked Guidance. Most of the fields provide help messages, which appear in the Guidance box when the cursor is placed in the given field. In certain areas you will also find a button with a question mark; if you click on this button, a more general guidance text will appear.

Error message

The guidance box is also where any error messages will appear in red letters. The field containing the error will also be highlighted in red. Examples include using an invalid date format or providing too few digits in a telephone number. You can click on the error message to go straight to the field that needs to be corrected.

Required fields

Some of the fields in the form are mandatory and must be filled in; these are marked by an asterisk (*). You can browse through the form pages without filling in the required fields, but it is not possible to submit the form before these fields are filled in. The final page of the form will give you an overview of the required fields that have not yet been filled in.

Save form

This function, which requires you to be logged in, lets you save drafts of forms so that you can continue filling in the form later on. Saved drafts can be found under My cases in the “Saved drafts (not submitted)” folder. They will remain there until you have resumed and submitted the forms, which will then appear in the “Submitted forms” folder.


By clicking on the Cancel button, you will first be asked whether you want to save a draft of the form. If you aren’t logged in and answer Yes, you will be directed to the login page.


If you haven’t clicked on any buttons or filled in anything in the form for 60 minutes, a timeout will be enforced. This entails that you lose any information that you have filled in and that you have not saved. After a timeout, you must begin filling in the form anew.

Control page

The final page of the form is a control page where all the fields are controlled before you can submit the form. Fields with mistakes or missing information will be listed in red with a description of the mistake and a link to the field in question.

When the form has been correctly filled in, the control page will give you a total overview of everything you have filled in. You can print the control page by clicking on the Print button in the upper-right corner.


You submit the form from the control page by clicking on the Submit button. If the control page contains mistakes or if information is missing, the Submit button will be inactive. When the form has been submitted, you will receive an on-screen receipt with a reference ID. You can choose to print the receipt or have it sent to you in an e-mail. If you are logged in, the reference ID will also appear under My cases in the “Submitted forms” folder. You should provide the reference ID if you need to contact Hasvik kommune about the form you submitted.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to log in?

In order to ensure that you are who you claim to be, Hasvik kommune may require that you log in. If such authentication is not required, you can fill in and submit the form without logging in. Choosing nonetheless to log in allows you to save drafts of the form, and you can then also find an overview of all your saved drafts and submitted forms under My cases.

Do I have to save the reference ID?

It is a good idea to save the reference ID. If you need to contact Hasvik kommune about the submitted form, you should state this ID. The receipt with the reference ID may be important, for example if there is any doubt whether you submitted a form within a certain deadline.

If you are logged in, you do not need to write down the reference ID, since you can find it under My cases in the “Submitted forms” folder.

Is the receipt a confirmation that Hasvik kommune has received the form?

The receipt with the reference ID confirms that the form has been submitted. In addition, Hasvik kommune may send you a separate message stating that they have received the form.

How do I send attachments?

In case additional documentation is necessary to process the form, you can upload attachments by clicking on the “Browse” button. The file(s) you upload will then be submitted along with the form. The attachments must not exceed 40 MB in total. The following file types can be uploaded: doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, odt, ods, odp, pdf, jpg, gif, png, txt, and rtf.

What if I don’t have the attachments in a digital format?

If you don’t have the additional documentation in a digital format, you can send the attachments through the mail. When doing so, you must mark each attachment with what the case is about, your name, and the reference ID for the submitted form.

The case will not be processed before Hasvik kommune has received the attachments.

Who should I contact if I have any questions?

If you have any questions about the form system, you can contact Hasvik kommune by either calling 78 45 27 00 or sending an e-mail to

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